Wood-Burning Products

Wood Burning Fireplace Products

Despite the technology present in 2015 wood burning continues to be a popular heating method. Leisure World's focus is to combine the visual ambiance of a wood fire with the efficient heat production that is achievable with this prevalent, renewable fuel source. In our never ending quest to educate our customers, the following page offers a look at many of our more popular mid- and high-efficiency wood stoves, inserts, and fireplaces - many of which are displayed in our North Kansas City showroom.

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WOOD STOVES AND FIREPLACE INSERTS: Leisure World Pool and Hearth, Inc. carries a broad line of wood burning stoves and inserts to fit every application and most price ranges. Our wood stoves come in all styles, sizes, and material depending on your need. The following is summary of the brands we carry broken down by stove material with the most popular models highlighted.

STEEL: BuckStove, Lennox Hearth Products, Pacific Energy, Hearthstone (Euro Collection only)
The most common wood stove material is steel. Steel is a relatively easy material to manipulate from a manufacturing standpoint and consequently it tends to be the most economical stove material. Not all steel is the same - stoves vary greatly in terms of steel thickness, weld quality, and quality of firebox material. Weight is generally a good indicator of quality - though some premium manufacturers such as Pacific Energy reduce weight by using higher quality stainless steel for their firebox components.

Buck Stove (Spruce Pine, NC) - Leisure World's longest tenured steel stove/insert line and our best heating value.
  • Model 21 - big heat in a small package, unparalleled quality, unmatched value.
  • Model 74 - our most popular seller! No frills--BIG firebox, BIG heat, BEST VALUE!
  • Model 81 - bay front, big blower, heats up to 2700 square feet!
  • Model 91 and 94 NC - the biggest of big; heats up to 3000 square feet and boasts a 4.3 cubic foot firebox - one of the biggest in the industry!
Iron Strike by Innovative Hearth Products (Nashville,TN) - Stout construction combined with foward thinking results in a very efficient product.
  • Grandview 230 stove - This is the culmination of superior design from a company with ample engineering resources. This steel stove incorporates a cast iron heat exchanger with a vast surface area in the top of the firebox to ensure even, consistent heat unlike any other stove on the market. Additionally, this stove has an available 700 c.f.m blower that will, no pun intended, blow your mind!
Pacific Energy (Vancouver Island, Canada) - Packed with innovative design features, Pacific Energy stoves and inserts are clearly differentiated from the competition with their baffle and floating firebox design.
  • Fusion - contemporary styling, will heat up to 2000 square feet, utilizes all of the innovative features at P.E.'s disposal (knife edge door seal, premium firebox materials, floating firebox design).
  • Super Insert - same medium size firebox as the Fusion, classic styling, extremely efficient.
  • Summit Stove/Insert - can heat up to 3000 square feet; utilizes a 6" flue for easier chimney liner installations in tight confines.
Hearthstone Euro Collection (Morrisville, VT) - Contemporary European stove design.
  • Bari, Tula - if you like contemporary European styling these high efficiency, eye catching stoves are the units for you.

CAST IRON: Jotul, Hearthstone Hergom Collection, Alderlea by Pacific Energy
Cast Iron is poured into forms as a liquid and consequently is more labor intensive from a manufacturing standpoint. The end result, however, is typically a very ornate product that resists the forces of expansion and contraction better than steel and retains heat slightly longer, too.

Jotul (Norway) - Norwegians know how to overcome the cold and Jotul knows cast iron. Jotul boasts the oldest functioning foundry in Europe (1853) and produces the most intricate castings on the market.
  • F 600 Firelight CB - their largest stove - in enamel this stove is so beautiful it is almost hard to dirty it with a fire! Can heat up to 2500 square feet.
Hearthstone Hergom Collection (Morrisville, VT) - Excellence prevails! Excellent castings, enamel, and styling - what more could you want?
  • Clydesdale insert - this insert has the largest viewing window on the market and is hands down the most attractive insert available (check out the available brown enamel finish). Did we mention the big firebox and big heat production?
Alderlea by Pacific Energy (Vancouver Island, Canada) - The same floating steel firebox that Pacific Energy is known for surrounded by an attractive cast iron shell.

SOAPSTONE: Hearthstone Select Collection
Arguably the most attractive stove material - soapstone has functional benefits, too! Heat transfer is not nearly as quick with soapstone as it is with steel or cast iron and therefore takes longer to heat up and cool down. For serious wood burners that keep a regular fire and do not need heat quickly, the performance and thermal mass of soapstone results in far better heat retention over the course of the fire and even after the fire has died.

Hearthstone Select Collection (Morrisville, VT) - The industry leader in soapstone stoves.
  • Equinox - a 3000+ square foot monster!
  • Heritage - this stove in “Seafoam" enamel is arguably the finest looking wood stove on the planet.
  • Phoenix - similar to the Heritage in terms of performance but features more rounded, gentle styling at a more affordable price.

WOOD BURNING FIREPLACES: Our focus is on high efficiency E.P.A. certified wood burning units rather than open "builder" fireplaces that many of you reading this probably own. We do have access to a wide variety of wood burning fireplaces and chimney systems to include budget models, mid-efficient heat circulating units, and massive open fireplaces large enough for an adult to practically stand in. The high efficiency units utilize refractory panels, insulation and air spaces to confine the high heat produced in the stove-like firebox from the exterior in order to give the unit a “zero clearance" rating (which means the fireplace can be framed up to with combustible building materials). The end result in terms of heat produced is similar to a stove or insert - it is just attained by a dramatically different design and construction technique to suit the different, built-in application. Let us help you determine the right unit for your needs.

Astria by Innovative Hearth Products (Nashville, TN) - A complete line of high efficiency fireplaces to suit most heating needs and styles with a broad range of heat distribution options.

  • Montecito Estate - up to 2500 sqaure feet heating capacity with an attractive arched look and double doors.
  • Villa Vista - another large capacity heater with catalytic burn technology and tall viewing area.
  • Ladera - clean face, contemporary unit designed for easy retrofits of most 36" builder grade wood-burning fireplaces.
RSF Fireplaces (St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada) - A complete line of extremely high quality wood-burning fireplaces equipped with many available heat distribution options.
  • Opel 3 - large viewing area and generous heating capacity are standard on this awesome fireplace.
Buck Stove (Spruce Pine, NC) - Unique in the realm of high efficiency, zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces, these units literally consist of Buck wood stoves factory installed into zero-clearance cabinets.
  • 74 ZC - unbelievable performance for the price; will compete with the biggies in terms of heat productions for half the cost! Unfortunately, this unit does not have the heat distribution/ducting capability.