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LOOP-LOC® Safety Covers
Leisure World Pool and Hearth exclusively installs only the finest LOOP-LOC® brand safety swimming pool covers—the creators of the safety swimming pool cover. Though name is used generically for covers of this type, make no mistake there is only one genuine LOOP-LOC®. We measure your pool to ensure a perfect fit every time….whether the pool is a standard or irregular size. These covers are available in a variety of styles and colors (standard green, blue, grey) to fit most budgets and needs. The styles are as follows:

LOOP-LOC Mesh—Our most popular seller! Loop-Loc’s high density mesh cover fits better and lasts longer than the competitors (the imitators). Available in green, blue, and grey, the standard green cover is reasonably priced and filters out more sunlight to prevent against off season algae development.

ULTRA-LOC Solid—The cover we recommend the most. Available with drain panels in the center and in completely solid configurations, we love the ULTRA-LOC solid with drain panels because it blocks out nearly all sunlight to prevent algae but does not rely on an electric pump being used to shed water.

Commercial Covers—Many property management companies request LOOP-LOC® brand covers because that is the only cover their corporate office or insurance carrier recognizes. If that isn’t an endorsement of quality what is?

On-Ground—On ground pools in this area are not that common—but if you are the owner of one we have the cover for you.

Additionally, when measured properly and coupled with LOOP-LOC’s extensive array of unique cover treatments, we can tightly fit a cover to any pool.

Click here to view common “stock” cover shapes.

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View the LOOP-LOC® warranty here.

Tarp Covers
Though unquestionably a safety cover is the best way to go, plenty of pools still use the tarp cover and water bag method of covering. We always stock a wide variety of tarp covers in two thicknesses. Contact us for pricing and availability. We also stock tarp cover accessories such as 8’ and 10’ water bags and 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ air pillows.

Automatic Pool Covers
Interested in an automatic pool cover or need service on an existing cover? Check with us and we can steer you in the right direction!

Safety Covers

LOOP-LOC LOOP-LOC: the only pool cover in the world proven safe and strong enough to stand up to an elephant. These high-quality covers are designed to keep your kids, pets, and others safe around the backyard.