Leisure World Pool and Hearth, Inc. was founded over 40 years ago as a pool company and has immense experience with the intricacies of swimming pools.  We considered our core competancies to be designing and troubleshooting the mechanical systems associated with swimming pool filtration systems and the installation and renovation of vinyl liner swimming pools. Leisure World Pool and Hearth has gained the reputation having the part you need in-stock...if you need it we most likely have it, can make something work, or will work to quickly get what you need.  From a complete line of chemicals and water maintenance products to all relevant parts and accessories....we carry everything you need.

SERVICES OFFERED: These services are preformed routinely for residential and commercial facilities on a year round basis.

  • Pool Opening and Pool Closings
  • Complete renovation of existing above-ground and in-ground swimming pools
  • Vinyl liner replacement specialists - we provide the most comprehensive viny liner replacement to make sure your swimming pool is ready to use for many years.  Standard parts of this installation include:
    • No wrinkle guarantee - we provide vacuum suction on every installation
    • All faceplates and main drain covers are replaced to provide that complete new look
    • Floor and wall protection - wall foam is used to prevent an abrasive surface against your new liner, and the floor is smoothed to ensure no divets or un-even spots throughout the pool
    • Start up chemicals are included to balance the water from the start
  • Safety cover installation
  • Equipment installation, replacement, troubleshooting, and service, including:
    • Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Salt/Cholrine Generators, Automatic Cleaners, Sanitizing systems...if it is associated with your pool, we can work on it
  • Complete Anti-Entrapment and ADA compliance for commercial pools
  • Pool inspections and job consultation
  • Indentifying and repairing improper/unsafe conditions commonly seen with pools such as electrical, grounding and bonding problems relating to lights, pumps, and heaters; gas line, maintenance and venting issues with pool heaters; anti-entrapment risks.
  • Free water testing services for existing customers - $10 set up fee for new customers and a lifetime complimentary testing after that
  • Vacation services - if you are leaving town and can't find anyone to watch your pool while you are away, give us a call
  • See our Services page for more information!

SERVICE WE DO NOT OFFER: Focusing on the core services offered above means that we can not try to be everything to every customer.  The following is a list of services Leisure World Pool and Hearth does not offer.

  • Weekly or Monthly Maintenance
  • Hot tub sales or service
  • Building of pools for above-ground or in-ground pools - Please contact us for recommendations on the best pool builders in the area
  • Pool painting or resurfacing - unless it is with a vinyl liner
  • Above ground pool sales or installation.  We will still provide replacement parts and service on any pool that we sold in the past, but no longer offer the complete installation and set-up

IN-HOUSE SERVICE CENTER: We offer an in-house service center that can repair or service any existing products.  If you can bring it to us, we can fix it...and keep your cost down in the process. 

  • Motor, mechanical seal, and bearing replacements are a specialty for us
  • Automatic cleaner not working...bring it in.  We will fix it and then test it to ensure proper function
  • Filter internal maintenance and complete valve overhaul
  • Bring it to us...and we will fix it. 
  • Same day or next day service is a staple