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Gas Fireplace Products

2015 Safety Barrier Screen Update: As of 1.1.15 all vented gas fireplaces produced must be equipped with an approved barrier screen to prevent the potential for serious burns resulting from direct contact with hot fireplace glass. 

Overview: Even with something as historically primitive as the use of fire as a heating method and focal point of a living space, technology has worked its way into the modern products that deliver this ancient staple into modern homes in the form of highly efficient and attractive gas hearth products. Leisure World Pool and Hearth, Inc. represents and installs many different gas burning fireplace products including gas logs, fireplace inserts, complete fireplaces and stoves along with the appropriate venting systems. All of the brands we represent have been carefully selected and researched in order to provide our customers with a variety of efficient, reliable products at a great value. Additionally, our vast product offerings are constantly evolving to keep up with constantly changing styles and technology. Dealing with a variety of manufacturers allows us to recommend the best product for your unique application. Aside from assisting you in selecting the right unit for your needs, much of the value we provide is our unmatched technical expertise and in-house, turn-key installations that in some cases extend outside the scope of the fireplace and have a beneficial impact on the home's overall efficiency. How, you ask? On fireplace tearouts we add or improve the insulation in and around the areas associated with the fireplace as there often is none! Having an NFI certified Master Hearth Professional conduct on-site evaluations in order to properly plan the job and estimate it to the penny ahead of time also differentiates us from the competition. We take the time to answer all of your questions and lay out all costs on the front end rather than being unpleasantly surprised when the job is done. Alway remember: the best products are average or worse if not installed correctly!

Help us help you: When you decide to visit our store we highly recommend bringing as much information as you can to help us plan and budget accordingly. This information may include the height, width, and depth of your existing masonry fireplace, the make, model and serial number of your existing factory built fireplace, pictures of the fireplace and chimney, or plan drawings for remodels and new construction. Call or email if you have questions--we are happy to help and can even fax or email you a fireplace measurement guide if you like.

Our Philosophy: Leisure World Pool and Hearth focuses primarily on high efficiency gas burning heating appliances as opposed to inefficient “builder" grade fireplaces that are commonly found in newer homes. In fact, many homeowners come to us looking to upgrade their unsightly, drafty, and inefficient builder fireplace to something heat producing. We approach this common scenario in a number of ways including the installation of a small insert or removing the fireplace and venting completely and replacing it with a high efficiency gas fireplace in a properly sealed and insulated chase so that cold drafts coming through the fireplace are a thing of the past. If you do not see something in these pages that you want, please check with us and we will make every effort to obtain exactly what you are looking for or something similar. We have take select units from the manufacturers we represent and showcased them here--but we have access to all products the listed manufacturers offer and several manufacturers not listed in these pages. We will do whatever it takes to find the right product for you!


Today's savvy customer demands a wide array of aesthetic options, state of the art features, and excellent service along the way when selecting the perfect fireplace option. Our wide array of offerings makes finding the perfect option for your needs a reality. For those looking to increase the efficiency of their masonry fireplace we have many highly efficient gas logs to choose from that can safely transform an energy sieve into a significant alternative heat source. Partnering with American Hearth Products, Monessen Hearth Systems, and Rasmusssen Gas Logs gives us design and pricing options to fit just about every need. Ranging from traditional to sleek and contemporary we have the right product for you! For those uninterested in efficiency and big, bold flames are the paramount concern we can provide this with a standard or custom designed model from Rasmussen. For more technical information on gas log types (vented and vent-free) please refer to the end of this page.


Gas inserts are available in both vented and vent-free configurations depending on your needs. Inserts differ from a gas log sets in that they are self enclosed and typically have blowers. In some cases an insert may be required if your chimney or firebox has significant internal problems when a gas log cannot safely be installed. Many of our inserts add a level of design, sophistication and convenience that is unparalleled as compared to other fireplace options. When it comes to gas fireplace inserts we have partnered with several manufacturers that once again offer us a wide selection of styles and price points to accommodate most any need. Our flagship vented gas insert line is Mendota which boasts unparalleled flame appearance, industry leading efficiency, state of the art controls, and a wide variety of design options. Iron Strike, American Hearth Products, Hearthstone, Pacific Energyand Archgard round out our vented gas insert offerings. For vent-free inserts we have a couple of options to include our most popular, the "Franklin" insert from American Hearth Products, and other budget friendly models from Buck Stove and Monessen Hearth Systems.


When shopping for gas fireplaces there are so many options it can be overwhelming. Size, styling, efficiency, vented vs. vent-free, budget, application, logistical constraints (are you trying to fit it within an existing or antique mantel, are there vent path restrictions, do you want to avoid removing existing brick or stone facing?) are some of the items needing consideration when selecting a gas fireplace. By no means are all gas fireplaces created equal--but generally the right product is out there for your unique situation. It is our job to find that perfect product for you--so help us help you by bringing as much information to us as you can (any relevant measurements, pictures of fireplaces you've seen that you love, plan drawings, etc.) so we can plan and budget the job as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Many gas fireplaces are decorative in nature. In other words heat production and efficiency is not a priority in the design. These units are not inefficient in the sense that they are not removing air and heat from your home when they are running--they just are not putting heat back into the space. Other gas fireplaces are designed to be extremely efficient and heat producing. When you are searching for the right fireplace please consider if heat production is important to you or not.

Leisure World Pool and Hearth's vented gas fireplace selection includes an aesthetically diverse, luxurious, and highly efficient line from Mendota along with two other comprehensive gas fireplace lines from Astria and American Hearth Products that contain models ranging from entry-level "builder grade" to top of the line luxury models. American Hearth Products and Monessen both offer a wide variety of vent-free gas fireplaces and fireboxes to choose from as well.


For those interested in the look of a free-standing wood stove but cannot deal with the hassle, a gas stove is the perfect choice. Like the other gas hearth products covered throughout this page, gas stoves are available in vent-free and direct-vent configurations. Stoves, much like fireplace inserts, are designed as high efficiency heating appliances. Jotul and Hearthstone produce some of the most beautiful and efficient vented gas stoves made today. Available in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles the perfect stove for your needs awaits. American Hearth Products offers both a vented and vent-free cast iron gas stove that is a wonderful value for your heating dollar.

Vented, Vent-Free, and Direct Vent Gas--what do these terms mean and what is best for me?

Vented: Vented gas log sets and log alternatives focus on big flame presentation and realistic burn when compared to a wood fire. Vented sets generally utilize a pan burner filled with media such as sand to distribute the gas evenly which produces a rich, sooty, orange flame. These sets are available in many sizes including custom designs and large sizes upwards of 60". What vented sets are in terms of flame presentation, unfortunately they are not in terms of efficiency and heat output as they are decorative in nature only. The damper must be fully open when in use--therefore the heat produced along with the "excess air" from the home is sent up the chimney and in most cases makes the home cooler when used. Vented log sets can only be installed in properly functioning wood-burning capable fireplaces with the damper completely open.

Vent-free: American Hearth Products (Empire), Monessen Hearth Systems, Rasmussen--vent-free gas logs and log alternatives are among the most efficient hearth products available and produce a tremendous amount of usable heat. Vent-free burners differ significantly from their vented counterparts. To achieve the nearly perfect (99.9%) combustion efficiency, vent-free burners are extremely precise in how they mix fuel and air--after all, the harmful byproduct associated with combustion, carbon monoxide (CO), is generated from incomplete combustion. By achieving an exceptionally high level of combustion efficiency the damper of the fireplace can be safely left closed thus allowing all of the heat to travel into the room. With this extreme efficiency come a few important items to be aware of:

  • Flame realism, though outstanding on many units and constantly improving, is not comparable to a vented log set
  • Vent-free gas logs generally cannot be installed into a prefabricated fireplace and used in a vent-free configuration--in other words the damper must be left open as these fireplaces are generally not tested and listed to be used with vent-free gas logs
  • Vent-free gas logs are a supplemental heat source only and should NOT be used as an exclusive heat source. Water vapor is a byproduct of all types of combustion and, when unvented, in an extreme situation can cause the formation of mold in a very airtight home.
  • Vent-free gas logs cannot be installed in a confined space. It is up to the job planner to distinguish an acceptable space versus a confined space
  • Vent-free gas logs cannot exceed 10,000 BTU's in a bedroom or bathroom
  • Vent-free gas logs can emit nuisance odors as a result of dust or other foreign debris interfering with the burner; other sources of air quality problems in a home (cigarette smoke, sheetrock dust, etc.) can also create nuisance odors. We suggest cleaning the logs and burner every year just prior to the heating season to reduce the presence of nuisance odors

If a vent-free appliance is installed, used and maintained correctly there is no better bang for your buck in terms heat vs. cost. Vent-free gas logs are not suitable for every situation, however. They are best installed in older, inefficient homes with large, open areas needing supplemental heat. Your Leisure World Pool and Hearth professional can help you plan accordingly and help you choose from our 14 gas log/log alternative displays! For more information on these units please visit

Direct Vent: The term "direct vent" refers to a venting configuration that intakes fresh air and exhausts combustion byproducts entirely to the outside. These units all have glass fronts and sealed combustion chambers in relation to the home's interior air. They do not interplay with the home's air quality whatsoever. Though gas inserts are not necessarily designed to be an exclusive heating source, theoretically one could run 24/7 without fear of the air quality concerns present with a vent-free appliance. Blowers, heat exchangers, and ceramic glass are integral parts of how these units transfer and convect heat into the home.