Leisure World Pool and Hearth, Inc., originally founded 47 years ago, is recognized for its outstanding quality of work and customer service. With well over 100 years of collective experience, fair prices, and a friendly atmosphere, we are big enough to cover the broad range of needs you may have and small enough to greet you at the door with a familiar face and a friendly smile. Our goal is to help our customers buy the right product for their application at a fair price. Our staff is highly motivated, professional, and technically knowledgeable—we look forward to answering any questions you may have by coming up with solutions to unique problems that other companies won't touch. At Leisure World, we have created new recreational opportunities for many families. Let us be your first choice for recreation and fun in the sun as well as for practical heating products that make those cold winter days much more cozy!   


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  • Communication: Leisure World Pool and Hearth provides an unparalleled willingness to openly provide information and anwer all of our customer's questions in a manner unlike our competition - just call, come in or schedule service with us and you will experience the difference.      
  • Customization: Whether we are talking about the customization of a pool renovation project to best suit a customer's unique need or budget or custom fabricating an attractive fireplace insert surround or mantel protector, we are willing to do whatever is needed in order to ensure the desired results are achieved. We have the ability to design and fabricate custom metal pieces as needed for certain applications that are also aesthetically pleasing      
  • Quality: Leisure World Pool and Hearth strives to provide value to our customers by providing the highest quality products with the highest quality installations carried out to the exact specifications of the manufacturer. Rarely does this method result in the cheapest up front cost - but in the long run having it done correctly the first time can result in savings by increased performance of the product, lack of potential damage to property, or having to re-do something down the road because of a poorly done (CHEAP) installation. Common examples of what we do as a standard part of our installations are as follows:      
    •  Example of LWPH's Quality - Fireplaces: When we undertake a "factory built" fireplace replacement which can entail removing the finishing materials, the old unit and pipe, we do not simply stuff the new unit and pipe in and get out as fast as possible. Rather, we allocate the necessary time to prepare the interior of the fireplace chase with insulation and sheetrock as specified by all fireplace manufacturers. Rarely do builders do this when the home is built - consequently we receive many complaints about cold air infiltration. When we are done, not only do you have a more attractive, efficient and convenient fireplace, but we have also better weatherized your home, too!      
    • Example of LWPH's Quality - Pools: Our standard in-ground liner installation in more of a pool renovation. When the liner is out of the pool there is a rare opportunity to deal with the behind the scenes problems that are common such as corroded walls, burned out light bulbs, bad gaskets and surface cracks and erosion. We proactively include these common repairs into our standard liner changes so that no problems will be present when the job is done. If there is a larger problem we will make you aware of it beforehand and price the repair accordingly.     
  • Safety: As well as being knowledgeable about the latest products we strive to match or exceed the latest installation techniques to give you the most peace of mind. Extra piece of mind is never a bad thing - expecially when you are dealing with placing fire in the center of your family's home or dealing with the risks associated with any swimming pool. Here are a couple of examples of how Leisure World Pool and Hearth proactively implements the safest measures into our jobs:    
    •  Example of LWPH's Safety Focus - Fireplaces:  For every fireplace insert we install we ensure that the chimney and fireplace is clean prior to installation which makes for a safer environment for the new system to operate in and also reduces the presence of any residual odors. For wood burning inserts we install a UL1777 listed Homesaver insulated stainless steel chimney lining system. This provides a "zero-clearance" to combustible vent system should an unknown problem exist within your chimney. That is peace of mind! Additionally, an insulated system like this provides the optimal environment for the insert to provide maximum performance with minimal formation of dangerous, combustible buildup on the interior of the flue. Does this all have to be done? Not necessarily - but when installing a device that is placing a live fire in your home we choose not to take any chances - neither should you! Such as installation may not be the least expensive alternative but will be done right the first time and will be the best available in the Kansas City metro area.      
    • Example of LWPH's Safety Focus - Pools:  In recent years entrapment issues and drowning risks with swimming pools has been a foremost concern for conscientious pool companies. Leisure World technicians go out of their way to observe dangerous issues with pools and make you aware of these risks. A common update that we perform is making sure pools are equipped with the latest anti-entrapment bottom drain covers. If desired, we can also install an automatic pump shut off device on the pool pump taking your level of protection a step further.