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Leisure World Pool and Hearth's specialty is replacing vinyl pool liners and renovating vinyl lined pools that need well more than just a routine liner change.  Our philosophy is to do the job right the first time; we proactively deal with the "behind the scenes" problems that our competitors often ignore.  Lurking behind the liner can be wall cracks or rust, wall deterioration around the skimmer, floor deterioration, rotten gaskets, and the list goes on.  We treat all liner change as a renovation in that we patch the floor as needed, treat the walls as needed, replace all gaskets and faceplates, and even change the light bulb and gasket on your pool light if you have one. 

We take great pride in how our liners fit--and this begins with a quality measurement. Our measurements do not build in any room for error which leads to minimal tension and stress on the liner which is a critical component to long life.  Many liners we see in the field have been overstretched from a poor measurement or installation thus resulting in premature failure. 

Here are a series of pictures illustrating a before, during, and after look at a common vinyl liner installation:


 021 renovation.JPG












Almost Done


Ready for swimming

Notice the precise fit of the liner and the use of vacuum suction to hold the liner in place during the filling process.

Though the look of the above pool prior to the liner installation was bad, it is by no means the worst we deal with.  For less than the cost of a new pool, Leisure World Pool and Hearth can reconstruct existing pools with major problems such as pushed in or broken walls, broken lines, broken skimmers, and destroyed floors.  Additionally, we work with other reputable specialists when we take on large jobs that require extensive work in the trades of electrical, gas line plumbing, concrete and drainage.

Please keep checking back as we are working to add more picture galleries of the work we have completed.

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