Services Offered by Leisure World Pool and Hearth

Leisure World Pools & Hearth is a full service company offering complete swimming pool and fireplace service for both residential and commercial applications. We avoid subcontracting our work—and with over 100 years of combined fireplace and pool experience, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly. You will also have the peace of mind that if you do have a problem Leisure World Pool and Hearth will work tirelessly to make it right. Please call or schedule your estimate today to get a better idea of the cost involved with your service needs or visit our policy page to obtain basic pricing information.

Swimming Pools:
When it comes to repairing virtually any ailment with your pool Leisure World Pool and Hearth is ready to help. We like to say “we do everything that can be done to a pool short of build it.” We specialize in pool repairs of all kinds including:

  • Pool openings and closings (scroll down to see what is included)
  • Vinyl liner replacement (in-ground and above-ground)
  • Repairs on vinyl lined and concrete pools (we do not perform plaster or deck repairs but can arrange this to be done for you or can put you in contact with a company that does)
  • Cover installation—we install only the finest Loop-Loc brand safety covers. We also can arrange service or installation of automatic covers.
  • Equipment troubleshooting, repair, and/or replacement (including pumps, pump motors and seals, filters, heaters, salt generators, pool lights, etc.)
  • Filter media changing
  • All mechanical problems as well as leaks and structural concerns
  • Pool-Krete repair (the base material below your vinyl liner)
  • Skimmer and underground line break repair and pressure testing
  • In-store service (bring your equipment to us and save!):
    • Pumps, motors, seals, filters, automatic cleaners, etc.
  • And much more!

Routine Pool Opening (Mesh Safety Covers or Solid cover without any debris or water on cover)
Non Chemical Customer Cost: $275 in-ground; $325 above-ground.  Customers who purchase their chemicals from us receive discounted pricing: $225.00 for in-ground pools, and $250 for above-ground pools
Services Included:

  • Remove cover (and water bags if applicable), powerwash, fan fold, and place in location of your choice.
  • Lower deck anchors; cut off and grind smooth any anchors that will not go down.
  • Powerwash pool deck and exposed portions of pool.
  • Prepare pool and filtration equipment for operation by removing/replacing applicable plugs and installing eyeball jets and skimmer baskets.
  • Install ladders and handrails—tightening or replacing parts as needed.
  • Provide initial dose of shock if needed. ($4.00 per pound)
  • Take water sample and provide initial chemical dosage instruction.
  • Fill chlorinator with provided tablets if applicable.
  • Begin pool circulation and repair routine drips and leaks.
  • Test fire pool heater if applicable.

Services NOT Included:

  • Vacuuming pool
  • Adding initial chemical doses (other than shock)
  • Opening will get pool circulating and functioning but does NOT include getting the pool into a swimmable condition. If this is what you are looking for please discuss this further with a Leisure World Staff member to see if we can accommodate this request or if we can provide a referral.

Click here to schedule your Pool Opening.

Non-Routine Pool Opening (Solid cover with debris and/or water on cover)
Cost: This service will be charged hourly and typically costs between $400 - $600 plus any chemicals and parts used. If the cover is free of water and debris, the service will be billed as a routine pool opening (pricing above).

Non-Routine Pool Opening (Pump-out and powerwash—acid if applicable)
If your pool water is too far deteriorated to economically salvage we can in some cases drain and powerwash (and acid wash if plaster) the pool and fill with fresh water. This service will be charged hourly and is not recommended if not absolutely necessary. Many unforeseen problems can develop from draining a pool—especially if the presence of ground water is unknown or if it has recently rained a lot. Possible problems include:

  • Irreversible liner shrinkage (typically more problematic with older liners and those using a biguanide sanitizing systems.
  • Wrinkle formation.
  • Ground water getting in behind the liner thus causing the need for temporary liner removal in order to remove the water. This, of course, opens the door to liner shrinkage as the liner does not respond well when sitting dry and relaxed for an extended period of time.
  • The entire pool can float out of the ground.

Routine Pool Closing (Winterization)
Non Chemical Customer Cost: $275 in-ground; $325 above-ground.  Customers who purchase their chemicals from us receive discounted pricing: $225.00 for in-ground pools, and $250 for above-ground pools

  • Drop water to the appropriate level
  • Remove winterizing and drain plugs from filtration equipment
  • Remove ladders and handrails
  • Blow out all lines and send anti-freeze through from end to end
  • Plug all ports on pool
  • Air-lock main drain
  • Add safe dose of shock, algaecide, and enzyme additive to inhibit algae growth
  • Install cover
  • Add “sacrificial” crushable bottles to water to relieve ice expansion pressure on walls and liner
  • Turn off gas to heater if applicable
  • Disassemble automatic cleaner if applicable

Fireplaces and Stoves:
We utilize our NFI Master Hearth Professional certification to plan, install and service the products we sell. In addition, we service most other fireplaces and stoves, too. Here is a list of the fireplace and hearth related services offered by Leisure World Pool and Hearth:

  • Troubleshooting and servicing of all types hearth products (wood, gas, pellet, and multi-fuel) including those sold and not sold by us
  • Clean and prepare hearth appliances for the burn season
  • Move existing stoves and inserts
  • Line chimney and direct-connect flexible liners to wood and pellet inserts
  • Provide replacement parts including blowers, blower motors, catalysts, fire brick, thermostats, flue pipe, pilot assemblies, gas valves and accessories
  • Replace gasketing on stove doors and glass
  • Assist in job planning and design
  • Arranging complete, turn-key fireplace installations with or without finishing
  • Running CSST (corrugated stainless steel tube) gas line

Fireplaces and Hearth Services NOT provided by Leisure World Pool and Hearth:

  • Chimney sweeping and inspection
  • Lining chimney flues servicing open fireplaces
  • Installation of hearth appliances not sold by Leisure World Pool and Hearth
  • Masonry work of any kind
  • For any of the above chimney specialty work please contact a Leisure World Pool and Hearth staff member for a competent industry referral