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Pellet and Multi-Fuel Products

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Leisure World Pool and Hearth has experience with pellet stoves dating back to their earliest days. In this time there have been many changes and innovations with the technology as the pellet industry has changed and evolved, so to has our approach to selling, installing and servicing these products.

Over the years we have dealt with a variety of manufacturers and have actively searched for the finest designs and most reliable performers. Just as there are great stoves and marginal stoves in the marketplace, the same is true about the people selling these stoves. Good dealers should be NFI certified, provide high quality stoves at fair prices, select the appropriate unit for the customers unique application, plan and execute a proper installation, and have the skilled technicians to service and repair these units.

Every stove of this type is going to need service at some point - after all, heat, ash, electro-mechanical components combined in one appliance is a recipe for something to go wrong during its lifespan. To make this process as hassle free as possible, a happy pellet stove owner is generally one that:

  • Invests in a high quality stove with a good warranty
  • Does business with a reputable and knowledgeable dealer that properly plans and executes the installation and has the resources to service the unit in the future
  • Properly uses and maintains the appliance
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Winslow stove pellet.jpg

Winslow fireplace insert by Iron Strike

Winslow free-standing pellet stove by Lennox Hearth Products

Currently, our search for the best pellet stove has led the sleek steel Winslow pellet insert and free-standing stoves by Iron Strike which are arguably the finest pellet stoves on the market and here is why:

  • Premium construction and material quality: heavy gauge steel firebox, heat exchanger, and burn pot lead to excellent heat retention and production and allow for a consistent fire in the lowest burn setting
  • Bulletproof circuit board: many competitive units flake out for no apparent reason on a relatively regular basis. The Iron Strike boards never hiccup as it is the pinnacle of reliable performance
  • Premium components: Circuit board, auger, ignitor, room air blower, exhaust blower, vacuum switch, etc. - when something is equipped with this many components it is only as good as the weakest link. This is why the Winslow utillizes premium components for the best reliability
  • Premium design: One might ask why one 40,000 BTU pellet stove costs twice as much as another. Truth is, the BTU listing only tells how much fuel the stove consumes - not how much heat it produces. The innovative rectangular heat exchanger tubes on the Bella and Winslow allow the room air blower to push air in a more turbulent manner through the passages thus creating better contact between the air and hot surfaces of the tubes. This leads to far more intense heat entering the living space than is found with other models

  • Semi self-cleaning: The Winslow is pre-programmed to automatically increase the exhaust blower speed on timed intervals in order to keep the burn pot clean and free from obstruction
  • Winslow insert: From a servicing standpoint the Winslow is a dream. Remove the right hand side surround panel and you have access to the convenient quick-disconnect exhaust blower cleanout. There is no longer an excuse to not keep the stove's flue clean

Pellet and multi-fuel stoves and insert from St. Croix

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Hastings stove pellet.jpg

Greenfield (corn)/Hastings (pellet) from St.Croix

Complimenting the Iron Strike pellet stoves is a complete line of stoves from St. Croix which boasts a diverse line of steel and cast irons units ranging from basic and utilitarian to elegant. These stoves are offered in most cases in either pellet or multi-fuel configurations. Additionally, there will be some exciting new units arriving soon so keep checking back for more information! Here are a few offerings from St. Croix's lineup:

Greenfield (corn) and Hastings (pellet) - This intricate cast iron design sets it apart from the other stoves offered by St. Croix. Rated at 40,000 BTU's, this solid performer is also available in a variety of colors.

Afton Bay (pellet) - for the more contemporary offering from St. Croix, check out this bay windowed beauty, the Afton Bay.

Auburn (corn) and Prescott EXP/EXL (pellet) - The value leading stove from St. Croix is the Auburn/Prescott. Producing ample heat and featuring classic step-top styling and a big hopper, this stove produces a lot of bang for your buck.

Ashby & Ashby P - These fireplace inserts play off the Afton Bay styling and are designed to fit in your existing fireplace. Leisure World only installs these units with full stainless steel chimney lining systems in either 3" or 4" diameter depending on the overall height of your chimney.

Prescott EXL stove pellet.jpg
York insert pellet.jpg
Prescott EXP stove pellet.jpg

Prescott EXL pellet stove from St. Croix

Ashby insert from St. Croix

Auburn (corn)/Prescott EXP (pellet) stove from St. Croix

Pellet and Multi-fuel Furnaces from St. Croix

Revolution furnace multifuel.jpg

Revolution furnace from St. Croix

SCF-050 furnace pellet.jpg

SCF-050 furnace from St. Croix

If your heating needs are larger that what a stove can deliver, check out the multi-fuel furnaces from St. Croix. These units can be installed in a stand-alone configuration or ducted into the home's HVAC system for overall home heat. The Revolution furnace employs the latest in multifuel technology with the ability to self ignite and optimize the burn rate depending on the fuel being burned.

The newest additions to our pellet stove offerings comes from Hearthstone Stoves. The Heritage and Manchester pellet stoves boast the most striking appearance of any pellet stoves to hit the market in recent memory. Not only are these units attractive, they pack a wallop of heat at 51,000 extremely efficient BTU's. Come by and have us turn on our Sahara Sand, Mojolica Brown Enamel Heritage pellet stove and see for yourself! You have never seen a pellet flame like this stove produces - it tuly is in a league of its own.

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Hearthstone Manchester
Hearthstone Heritage.jpg

Hearthstone Heritage

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