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Leisure World offers a wide variety of hearth accessories for every application. From all of your chimney lining and piping needs to stove paint and hearth rugs and fireplace doors, we can turn your fireplace into an efficient living room centerpiece.

Security ChimneysWe are proud to carry one of the most widely used factory-built chimneys in North America, Security Chimneys International, whose line of venting products has benefited from 35 continuous years of improvements. The ASHT+ high temperature chimney is a high-quality, wood-vent pipe offering maximum protection and performance. Like all double-wall insulated wood-vent pipes, it is capable of reaching internal temperatures of 2,100° F while maintaining only a two-inch airspace to combustible. In addition, they have recently introduced a less expensive version of ASHT+ for internal runs of pipe. This product, known as galvalum, meets the same specifications as ASHT+ but has a galvanized aluminum exterior as opposed to stainless steel in order to save the customer money.

Additionally, Security has a complete line of supports and other components integral to the safe installation of a free-standing wood-burning chimney. Security also supplies the pipe we use for gas and pellet applications as well as traditional black pipe.

All our wood burning insert applications utilize HomeSaver Ultra Pro UL 1777 listed insulated stainless steel flexible chimney lining systems. Though chimneys do not always have to be relined when installing a wood insert, we require this method of relining to ensure the utmost safety and product performance. Come in and see the HomeSaver difference when compared to many popular alternative re-lining systems. Like everything Leisure World Pool & Hearth does, we only use the best products and installation methods.

Don't forget we offer a full line of fireplace doors, screens and re-facings from Stoll. We have doors to fit all applications from your custom designed fireplace to the builder box installed when the house was built...let us give your fireplace a makeover.

New to our product line this year is Grand Mantel. These artisan crafted hardwood mantels and shelves signifacantly enhance any prefabricated fireplace installation. From traditional mantels and book cases to the most sophisticated entertainment centers, Grand Mantel offers something to compliment any fireplace.

For all your general needs and fireplace accessories including: Creosote/soot removers, glass cleaners, gasketing and adhesives, silicone and sealants, high temperature paint, chimney brushes, fireplaces tools, and gloves, trivets, fans, and much more, we carry a variety of manufacturer products. Sand Hill Wholesale and Dagan manufacturing are just a few. Feel free to stop and in see our wide variety, view all the products online, or call for pricing or to see if we have something specific.

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Its never too early to think safety. Order your safety cover now! Call or stop in

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